Creative Momentz Photography

The most important things in life are the memories we make with people we love, who we spend our time with and how we make them feel. You will remember the way your grandmother loved you, the way it felt the first time you really knew that you loved your significant other, to the sound of your children’s laughter, to the wisdom lines in your parents warm smile. With each memory we capture, the small and large memories for you to look back on in photographs. Holding those memories in your hand, you will be able to feel those heartfelt moments taking you back in time. You hold your portraits in your hand and heart, they will be something that you cherish a lifetime and pass down for generations, they will tell your story.


Military Families!

We appreciate all that our military members do for us and since we have members of the military in our family, we offer all immediate military families 10% off of their booking session. Know anyone in the military? Feel free to pass the word on!! Thank you for all you do!


Creative Momentz